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What is Grøn?

Grøn is a series of one-day concerts, which are held every year across the country. Along the way, eight of the country’s largest cities are paid a visit and throughout the 8 concerts up to 190,000 guests visit us.

At Grøn, the most special part, is that we move moves between cities. All 700 volunteers and equipment are moved overnight. This means that everything you see at Grøn in one city on Friday, is exactly the same that is ready in a new city on Saturday. We are the only concert organizer in the world that can move such a large production overnight. The secret behind it all is that we at The Muscular Dystrophy Foundation have the world’s most dedicated and professional volunteers, who work shoulder to shoulder, with an overload of team spirit, every day with love for the community and respect for each other.

In all our events, our goal is that everyone has a good experience as a volunteer. This means, among other things, that we take care of EVERYTHING in regards to your transport, catering, accommodation … – you name it! You can thus concentrate on your volunteer assignments, and at the same time have the surplus to perform it with a smile on your face.

When is Grøn 2022?

In 2022, we will hold eight concerts in weeks 29 & 30 in the period 20 to 31 July. It is possible to sign up for an entire tour that lasts from Wednesday, July 20th and ends on Sunday, July 31st. You are also more than welcome to join us for only half a tour lasts from Thursday to Sunday in the week that fits best in to your calendar. It is also possible to sign up for a single or several individual concert days.

The concerts in 2022 are planned for the following dates:

Week 29

  • Thursday, July 21st: Amager (Copenhagen)
  • Friday, July 22nd: Kolding
  • Saturday, July 23rd: Aarhus
  • Sunday, July 24th: Aalborg

Week 30

  • Thursday, July 28th: Esbjerg
  • Friday, July 29th: Odense
  • Saturday, July 30th: Næstved
  • Sunday, July 31st: Valby (Copenhagen)


The three days between the two concert blocks (Mon-Wed) we relax, sleep in, recharge, have fun and party in Hjallerup in North Jutland. We call the days “Overlay Days” and these days are reserved for volunteers who are with us for all eight concerts.

What can I do on Grøn?

To keep track of so many volunteers, we divide everyone into approx. 45 units, called sections, which solve various tasks.

Some will be affiliated with the same section all day, eg at Sponsorkræw, Indgang, etc. Others have double functions, which means that you participate in a team during construction / unpacking, eg fences, tents, etc. and participates in another team during the concert itself, eg in a bar or booth. When you sign up, you will be asked to prioritize which sections you would like to be a part of. There are no guarantees that you will end up with exactly the team you want, but we always work hard to make everyone happy.

However, it must be said that considering which team you are on, it’s just hard to be on tour for almost two weeks. But 98% of our volunteers will swear that exactly their team is the funniest / best / coolest place to be. Our experience is that the good experience is more about the community on the individual teams and not so much about what tasks they have to solve or how hard it is.

What about transport and accommodation?

Public transport is arranged from 12 major cities around the country on Wednesday, before the first concert at Amager on Thursday in week 29. After the last concert in Valby on Sunday in week 30, we make sure that you are driven back to the same city. We cover the cheapest transport to the nearest collection city. If you are a wheelchair user and dependent on your disabled car, we pay mileage fees and bridge fees.

After the concerts we are transported by buses to the schools where we spend the night. In the buses you drive with your section. These people are also the ones you spend the night with at school in the classroom or gym. This means that you must bring an air mattress / sleeping mat and a sleeping bag / duvet.

What if I get hungry?

We provide full board, four meals a day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served on site and the fourth meal is served on the schools when we arrive after a days work. The same goes for water, soda and beer. There is free access to all drinks, you just have to be aware that it is not allowed to be under the influence of alcohol, while you are at work.

What if I have more questions?

You are welcome to join the group “Grøn Kræw” on Facebook. There are a lot of experts who can and will answer your questions. But don’t hesitate to contact us at +45 22652416 if you have questions – we speak English. Or send an email to – we look forward to hearing from you 😊